One day of powering nationwide virtual care

Wheel's clinician network and platform powers virtual care for our partners 24/7/365 across all 50 states. This timelapse offers a glimpse into just one day of patient demand for virtual care across America.

Patient volumes vary by hour, day, and state. It's nearly impossible to predict and staff the right distribution of clinicians. But that's where Wheel comes in.

24 hours of Wheel consult data based on a typical day in June 2022.

(City-level data is approximated.)

Challenges of precision staffing in telehealth

Staffing for virtual care can be the most challenging — and most expensive — piece of the telehealth delivery puzzle. To deliver care in multiple states without breaking the bank, companies must solve for the variability of patient demand.

State-by-state telehealth regulations add an additional layer of complexity to delivering nationwide patient care, as each clinician must be licensed in the state in which the patient resides (generally speaking, though there are exceptions).

This means if a patient in Georgia is requesting care, you must have a clinician with a Georgia license available to deliver that care. This makes it difficult to align clinical resources with patient demand at a macro level.

On any given day, you could be overstaffed in California but understaffed in New York, and due to the regulatory puzzle of state licensing, you can’t easily shift your clinician supply to meet patient demands on a shifting day-to-day basis.


High-quality virtual care at scale

With a 50-state, white-labeled clinician network and powerful technology platform, Wheel helps companies solve the toughest inefficiencies and scale problems. 

Right-size your cost structure, achieve profitability quicker, and offload the headaches of clinical staffing and management with Wheel.



View the blog post for a deep dive into the unit economics of virtual care delivery. And check out the ebook to explore the top challenges we see companies face time and again with scale.

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