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What's your virtual care strategy?

Whether you're looking to launch, scale, or optimize your virtual care offering in 2022, Wheel can help. We enable companies to deliver high-quality virtual care at scale — without committing the capital and resources to build and maintain it themselves. 

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Digital Health Startup Strategies: Advancing Policy and Regulatory Change

This Isn’t 2019’s Telehealth: Building the Next Generation of Virtual Care

Cecily Harris

Deputy General Counsel, Wheel

Pooja Aysola, MD, MBA

Head of Clinical Operations, Wheel

When: Sunday May 1st, 3:00pm

When: Monday May 2nd, 2:40pm

  • How the existing patchwork of regulations can still complicate efforts for innovators and slow adoption by patients, providers, and payers.
  • How companies can craft a regulatory strategy to launch, scale, and differentiate services.
  • How to navigate the political, regulatory, and media environment in a way that drives the policy conversation and change.
  • Why we should debunk the idea that the demand for virtual care was driven by short-term fear of the virus rather than a long-term change in behavior and preferences.
  • Insights on what every company needs to know about building for the next generation of virtual care
  • Real-world examples of how companies have flipped what was once a barrier into a competitive advantage

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Our team will be standing by to answer all your questions about how Wheel is transforming virtual care. We can't wait to meet you!

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